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Masterminding body, soul, and spirit for your Ministry Globally through the supernatural power, and truth of the last God's Children...

"But this is what was spoken by the prophet Joel: 'And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God, That I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, Your young men shall see visions, Your old men shall dream dreams'" - Acts 2:16-17

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. "More Daddy Than God" Module for Leaders
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Read the Full Program Context...

Text without context to be a pretext

  1. First of all, don't use a text without a context to be a pretext... if you don't have time to read this full text now, to take action or not, then read it later to understand the main goal of this mastermind program...
  2. Second of all, everyone needed to be a "prophet" as a God's child... Again, everyone needed to at least hear God's voice... Then this is not a prophetic ministry title but God's Children hearing His voice, having a real relationship with Him naturally, and working with God himself in his harvest because this is not about a title but an identity...
  3. Since 2009 I was a preacher, I have a bachelor degree in Theology but everything changed in 2019 where I heard "Hello Son" from God himlself... That was the voice of God that changed everything! Theology doesn't mean anything to me today because it's not about behavior and information but connection and revelation...
  4. Also in the same year, when God himself healed me from my traumas, the things started to happen, and finally when God gave me the vision where I saw the antichrist embracing the planet, the "More Daddy Than God" and "The Final Prophets" came... I have some knowledge for some areas, yes! But a lot more than that, today I have a Father living in practice together with me! That needs to be also for you!
  5. The "More Daddy Than God" was born after God himself gave to me a vision, and this year will not be an easy year... That revelation is the structure but this place is the place where you will live in practice and faster the Daddy's Voice, a real relationship with God The Father, with our Daddy, and expand globally your ministry.
  6. Then the basic things firstly: everyone need deliverance, healing, and finally a real communion with God first as a Father. Period! Why? Because how today where are so far from God with many traumas, depression, and anxiety then we need to respect a process until a friendship, and a real relationship with God, our Daddy.
  7. Some people want to develop a real life with God The Father and they also can go faster for that goal, and other people want more than to grow with God The Father, they also have their ministry and want to expand it globally.

This is for who? Only for two types of people...

  1. First of all, this is not about money(I have my companies), and before being inside this mastermind you will need to cross the other programs because I need to see where is your heart, if God already set you free, if God already healed your traumas, if you already started to hear God's voice and started a real relationship with Him for real even as a baby yet. In my case, I crossed these steps in only one month, the activation of each of these steps because this is not an automatic formula but a life with our real Father...
  2. Then if this is not about money, it is only for those who already are living prosperity in all areas of their lives, including financially. It means then the money is not an idol in their lives because it is already normal. Unfortunately, when we don't have money there will exist more danger than when we already have because when we don't have money many of us will be lost inside idolatry... This is the reason there is a time for everything where we need to give time to God himself to access us to set us free, heal, communicate and relate with us...
  3. For each person, the mastermind program lasts for one year, and you can apply again if you want. This project is for these two people: those who want to grow faster to find, hear and develop a real relationship with God as a Father firstly, and for those who also want to grow faster with Him but also to expand their personal ministry globally.
  4. Yes, your ministry globally! Our spiritual part is the root, the main goal and the free part but inside ourselves is not only our spiritual area but also our soul and body, which will include business mindset, emotional intelligence, online advertising, digital marketing, etc.
  5. Then before thinking about your title(ministry), we need to think and have sure about your identity as God's son/daughter(deliverance, emotional healing, and then a real communion with God as a Father), and this is for every single person inside this mastermind program.
  6. Relationship with God is not an automatic formula or method but it's a natural process that I will hold your hand and help you to "stand, walk, and knock on the God's door" with you, and after that will be between you and God himself as any natural and healthy relationship. When you cross the natural process, we will start to think and develop your ministry because it needs to be together with God, and not isolated from Him...
  7. I can't help in person and closely everyone, and this is the reason that maybe I will say "no" to you at least for now... Believe me, I'm using the lens of love also in this case...
  8. I make money with the professional knowledge that God gave to me but this mastermind program is about something more profound, and you will see it here... Everyone already is in a specific moment with God... Then I need to see where they are with God and do something more from there... Do you know from where? In the "level zero" online meeting, I separate women from men, and do you know why? Because women are the emotional and creational parts, and men are the rational and intellectual parts! Then, the first steps are holding their hands differently, and join everyone together in the next steps! These are basic principles that no one sees!

How does it work?

  1. Something really simple that you need to understand is "The Final Prophets" mastermind program is not a prophetic ministry mastermind because it is a lot more than that! Paul said in the Bible to develop more the prophetic ministry because a prophet is a person who listens to God's voice, right?
  2. Unfortunately in these days, the basic goal of being a "prophet" is just to hear God's voice to "have" a ministry... But ministry is only a consequence of your natural relationship with God because the owner of this ministry is God himself, and we are only working with Him in some area of his "land"!
  3. The first development need to be about our character with strong moral principles because the title is only a consequence of an identity! Our Savior's name is Jesus Christ, not Christ Jesus! Identity is not a thought or even a memory but a living conscience...
  4. If you plan to develop both you and your personal ministry globally or at least nationally, this program is for you. "The Final Prophets" are for those who will be firstly children of God for real and in practice then they will be like Adam and Eve, people who heard God's voice and had a real relationship with God closely, but also they will be those who will live in practice their personal ministry in a global way...
  5. How does it work? The cause is the paternity of God, and the consequence is the real freedom living with God The Father and practicing the gifts of the Holy Spirit naturally, and expanding your ministry globally together with Him. Then if you want to grow your Ministry globally for your Father's Mission, you will need to walk closely with me to be one of "The Final Prophets"...
  6. Now, go to the world and preach the gospel is valid when you already know and live in practice God The Father because I know you don't want to be like me in the past: use The Holy Spirit's Gifts in "my" ministry, and on the last day Jesus will say "get away from me because I don't know you"... "I don't know you" talks about a lack of a personal relationship, and this is the reason you need first to find God as a Father and have a real relationship with The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.
  7. The members of this mastermind will have access to: 4 monthly video calls of at least 1 hour over the course of 1 year(in these calls, I will answer all the questions of each member, 1 to 1 in their turn, and the rest of the members are listeners learning at each member's turn(all participants can actively ask and bring up their questions and challenges)). In this mastermind program, the delivery format is for all members, but the attention I give to each participant is individual... Me and you. So, I will only know exactly what moment you are in after reading your application...
  8. In addition, we will have two more things: every week a sowing and a harvest, that is, the video call itself and an audio to see how the results are going on, and also one or two face-to-face meetings between the year to meet each other, if so desired. More than that, how you are close to me, and how I will know you closely, probably we will have a time where I will give the "mantle" to you... Remember that the expenses with tickets and accommodation are not included in the program.

Why this program is not free?

  1. "But if this revelation was God himself who gave to you then why is this not free?" We have many verses where we can use the right context to explain this question(1 Corinthians 9:4-11, 1 Corinthians 9:14, 2 Corinthians 11:8, Galatians 6:6, Philippians 4:18, 1 Timothy 5:17-18), BUT I'm not going to talk now about a Bible knowledge because we should already know about it... I want to explain it even more simple...
  2. First, everything related to salvation needs to be free, just as the Holy Spirit is for everyone(Matthew 10:8)! The salvation door always will be opened for you... But... Even to cross that door you will need to pay a price until there: walk... This is the reason Paul didn't say as some people speak today that "one time saved, saved forever" because every single day we need to work in our salvation(Philippians 2:12)!
  3. The fast and simple answer for why this program is not free is about honor and value: first, because everything that comes easily will be also lost easily for lack of value, and second because we need to understand the difference between honor, and prosperity gospel where this last one is totally wrong.
  4. Also, as I said before this is something to affect globally then we also need our soul and body totally ready for this. Then we also will see subjects out of the spiritual area like business, online advertising, digital marketing, etc.
  5. Do you know that always when someone went to see a prophet, they needed to give something to that prophet(1 Samuel 9:7-8)? It was not an "exchange" but a principle of honor that always existed.
  6. The religious system created a big confusion stipulating and increasing the term "false prophet", and now it looks like all "prophets" are false! It turned into a movement where we need to show "miracles" to people with the hope they will start to believe while Jesus did teach us totally different! "Believe to see"...
  7. Do you know why this mastermind program is not cheap, and without a "discount"? The real truth is about honor with "transition" but actually, it is more than that...
  8. God will always respect your free will... Then I can only help those who want help... If you are committed to yourself, I will also be committed to you... Do you know what this is about? Again, honor and value... Honor and value are basic principles! This is not about prosperity gospel but about the transition between before and after by honor and value...
  9. If you already know me by internet, free events, or other moments, everything about salvation I do, and always will do free to people: pray for physical healing, give prophecy when God reveals it, pray for "activate" the Holy Spirit, free content in all my social media, etc. But for other things, you will need to put honor and value...

Three more reasons why you need to be with us...

  1. First, do you remember when sometimes Jesus had closely with him only three men and three women? They were Peter, James, and John(Mark 14:33) and Mary Magdalene, Joanna, and Susanna(Luke 8:1-3). Now I only have 6 spots in this program, three for men and three for women, to help them together with God to find, heal, relate, and expand themselves globally because I'm giving more attention to "More Daddy than God", the revelation, as is the main consciousness to start to have the life with the Father... Then this opportunity is only for these six people, and it will be here only for some weeks, and after that only when I will open again a new "The Final Prophets" Mastermind Program.
  2. Second, do you think this mastermind is only about what I said? About your spiritual part? No... to be global you also need to be global in your physical, emotional, and intellectual parts, and this last one sometimes in both conceptual and technical areas... You need to understand that "The Final Prophets" is not only about you internally and locally but it is about you internally, externally, and other people globally!
  3. Third, normally in business you only work with information, with our intellectual part but you are a "full spiritual human being"! It means that if you think spiritually without thinking about your physical, intellectual, and emotional parts, you will have difficulty including with the first steps of hearing God's Voice... You also have a body and a soul then you are not only a spirit but you are also 3 in 1: you are a full spiritual human being with body, soul, and spirit. Here, our Daddy will work with us first from inside us then to the outside of the world...

Your global ministry as a personal institution

  1. Then you remember that we need to work our full human being to grow our healthy relationship with God The Father, right? We already talked about our spiritual part but now I need to talk a little more about our intellectual, emotional, and physical parts... When we talk about a ministry as a personal institution, we also need to understand how society reacts today in this globalization world, then some subjects from marketing and business areas need to be talked too.
  2. If I will use professionally using my business skills to price a business mastermind, it will be more than 40K/Year, and as with any others, it will be only about information, right? Then it will not be about revelation coming from God himself, and the focus is only the intellectual part. But here "The Final Prophets" is a lot less expensive and focuses on going from our spiritual life to our physical life. It means then all four areas: physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual parts.
  3. As I said before, I really make money with my professional knowledge to have enough time to work with our Daddy and God, and since 2011 I am not only a teacher but also a mentor with knowledge and mainly with the practical knowledge using my last business companies in software, web development, digital marketing, online advertising, acting, and 3D animation areas. Not only that, in the marketing/advertising area I have practical and knowledge about content marketing, launch marketing, storytelling marketing, and others.
  4. I believe you already saw the testimonies from the launch of "More Daddy Than God" about physical healings, cast out oppressions, God's voice, etc but you still can see some testimonials below to prove more results also about my teaching methodology...

The final commitment...

  1. This is a complete mastermind program and, the only thing that you need to do is say "yes" for yourself now then let's start fast the deliverance, healing, hear God's voice, develop a real relationship with God as a Father firstly, and put your personal ministry on all planet...
  2. I'm here for you but are you here for yourself? Remember, the Voice of God is the most treasure that a human being can have...
  3. Do you know what will be your result? God as a Father + Ministry + Knowledge = Worldwide Revival for The Last Days...

Who is the Mentor?

Manú Castro was a preacher with Bachelor's Degree in Theology until 2019 but everything changed after he heard for the first time "Hello Son" from God himself...

God himself healed him from his emotional traumas, and from there the "ministry 2.0" was born to show to the people how God communicates in a familiar way through simple 3 steps("More Daddy Than God") and to expand your ministry globally together with God The Father("The Final Prophets")...

God's voice was triggered in Manú Castro's life and some gifts of the Holy Spirit also were triggered as physical healing, and prophecy but everything was "triggered" naturally only because instead of learning about God, he started to live the Father...

Professionally, for years Manú Castro was a Senior Software Developer, a Mentor of 3D Animation and Games, and a CEO in his Marketing/Advertising Company...

Some Spiritual Testimonies

Physical Healing - Leah Monique[USA]

NOTE: Please enable on video settings the subtitles in your language before watching.

Physical Healing - Cathleen Stewart[USA]

NOTE: Please enable on video settings the subtitles in your language before watching.

Prophesy and Physical Healing - Coworkers[USA]

NOTE: Please enable on video settings the subtitles in your language before watching.

The Deliverance Revelation - Igor Gomes[BRA]

NOTE: Please enable on video settings the subtitles in your language before watching.

Some Intellectual Testimonials

Launch Marketing/Business - The famous coach Dany Padilla[BRA]

Hi, I'm Dany Padilla. I'm a motivational and corporate behavior speaker and coach. I had the privilege to be invited by Manú Castro to participate in Convope Congress. It was a fabulous experience because Manú got the biggest speakers of all Brazil, and each one specialized in their areas, and he managed to conduct each of the speakers like a maestro. I'm really grateful to you Manú for allow me to be one of the speakers in this event because I met new people, I started new professional relationships, I did networks, I did partnerships with other speakers, etc. That was a good life transformation. Thank you for the opportunity, and for the invitation. Guys, Manú is really good at his work, and you can hire his mentorship because he is good, and I prove his work. Thank you so much Manú, and I hope for a full long success for you. Kiss from Dany Padilla.

Mentoring Marketing/Advertising - Daniel Crepaldi[BRA]

My name is Daniel Crepaldi, I am a math teacher, and recently I started a math, physics, and chemistry course aimed at school reinforcement with an emphasis on individual lessons. I have known Manú Castro for 7 years and during these years I was able to follow his development well in the area of marketing/advertising, and following his development, I could see how much he studied and prepared, and during all this time he acquired a lot of knowledge and I trust him a lot because he is a professional who prepares a lot. He puts into practice everything he learns and sees where the strengths and weaknesses are. I already took some consulting with him, since I opened my course two months ago, and I took a consultancy with him in relation to the dissemination of my course because I do not understand anything in this area and the little of what he told me I could already see the result. From the way that we approach a client and a possible client and we see that it really works since I can already see at least that there is extra attention from the person being approached by the method he gave me within this consultancy that I got it from him. Regarding all the knowledge he has and everything he can help me with, in this area of getting more customers, I am very optimistic. I'm really very optimistic.

Acting - Lucas Costa[BRA]

What I can say about Manu is that he is a person that I know a little while ago, but I can say that he is a very nice person, and very helpful. He is always ready to help anyone, regardless of the time and the moment, and I wish him the best of luck in this new phase of his life and I hope that we can meet in the future perhaps at the theater stages. Hugs.

Mentoring 3D Animation - Diego Hannry Pschera[BRA]

Hey guys! All right? My name is Diego, I'm a 3D character animator, and I'm coming here to talk a little about my experience with Manú Castro's classes. I really liked it because at the time that I took the online course with him, he had a methodology that was based on the concept where it was not fixed on a certain tool, but rather how it should work so you could apply it to any 3D software. It was one of the things that I was most interested in his proposal, and above all it still had a very high cost benefit and knew about all the experience that Manú already had at the time. So it sparked great interest on my part and it was where I started my studies to start becoming a 3D animator in the future. After I saw all the steps and so I started to walk professionally with my own legs and nowadays I am a professional 3D Animator. So I recommend Manú's work, and I hope you enjoy it because it is very interesting. A hug guys.

Mentoring Software Development - Igor Moraes[BRA]

Hey guys, everything is okay? Here who speaks is Igor. I'm here to talk about Professor Manú Castro and I wanted to talk about my experience with him, in web design, more specifically in javascript, in which I had many doubts and difficulties to learn, and he managed to show me every concept, because his teaching method is totally focused on the student learning. So, I would like to advise everyone who has the opportunity to participate in a course, to look for it, because it is worth it and it pays off and you will not regret it. It is easy to learn, and I found it very difficult in the beginning to understand the javascript language but Professor Manú helped me understand easily. So, I wanted to invite everyone to know his courses, because it is very worthwhile and I believe that you will not regret it. Thank you. See you soon.

More Spiritual Testimonies from "The Revelation":

  • Elide Cristina Cast out Oppression and Physical Healing - Testimony from the "Launch Zero" of "More Daddy Than God" in Brazil | 12/2020

    When Manú started to say the first words when he was praying for deliverance, my stomach churned a lot. After that came the physical healing prayer(in a beautiful and powerful way)...

  • Rose Crivel Revelation - Testimony from the "Launch Zero" of "More Daddy Than God" in Brazil | 12/2020

    Literally: Emmanuel is God with us! You are very beautiful in each word, gesture, and it's all reveal a testimony of a Greatest, Creative, and Lovely Father. Gratitude.

  • Jezus Silva Revelation - Testimony from the "Launch Zero" of "More Daddy Than God" in Brazil | 12/2020

    Very powerfull this revelation. I will get there. There's no turning back.

  • Igor Gomes Revelation - Testimony from the "Launch Zero" of "More Daddy Than God" in Brazil | 12/2020

    How beautiful my brother! Deconstruction... What a powerful teaching Manú. What a blessed class my brother Manú. Wow, 3 cycles of 3.

  • Elide Revelation - Testimony from the "Launch Zero" of "More Daddy Than God" in Brazil | 12/2020

    Glory to God. How much precious teaching. It's really powerful.

  • Patricia Pereira Revelation - Testimony from the "Launch Zero" of "More Daddy Than God" in Brazil | 12/2020

    Whoo-hoo glory to God. I saw an angel holding a shining plate in his hands at the time of Manú's prayer.

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"More Daddy Than God": The Revelation

If you don't know yet about "More Daddy Than God", The Revelation that God himself revealed to me to understand His familiar communication in 3 steps, and the natural and personal process of a real relationship with Him as a Father firstly... not only as God... Click below to access the website:

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3. The amount to participate in this mastermind program is $13K/Year, do you have the availability and financial capacity to invest in you and your ministry*?

4. Is the value of this program an amount where you will need to dispose of some physical asset, make a loan on or will it hinder your personal cash flow?

5. If I accept you in the program, what needs to happen so that at the end of the program you can say that "it was worth it"?

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